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Networking – home office / business

As more ‘things’ want to connect to your network the Internet of Things (IoT) will become both an opportunity and a risk.  SmartVision make sure your network is ready to capture all the upside and minimise the threats, no matter it is for home, office/business usage.

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PC support & installation

SmartVision saves you time and free you from the headache of handling & installing sensitive computer components. Our installer will have the right tools and experience to complete the installation quickly, correctly, and safely the first time. It’s not always necessary to replace your computer when technology moves on. We provide a number of support services to improve the speed and performance of your PC or Mac computer – from upgrading your operating system to installing a home network, new hardware or software.

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Backup & Data Recovery ​

Backing up your data is very important and for a business it could be the difference between success and failure. Unexpected events like floods and fire will stop your employees unable to do their jobs. Cyber attacks can also result in your IT systems being down for days. How can your business continue to work?

SmartVision offers a range of back up solutions to fit your business. Once your data is backed up you need to be able to recover it.

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Remote Support ​

Technology supports almost everything in the modern workplace. When thing goes wrong, there is a negative impact on productivity, growth, employee and customer satisfaction.

Contact our friendly IT Support team and they will assist with all your IT needs.  There’s no time-cap or limits when contacting our Support. Just contact our dedicated Support team and they can be working on your issue remotely in a matter of minutes.

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Smart-Phone Support ​

SmartVision has created a full suite of support services that addresses different types of questions, ensuring success with your solution, while accelerating ROI and mitigating risks. You can call us directly to find out the answers that you need, whenever you need them. We are standy to answer your calls and/or provide phone support to get things done faster. Our very happy customers love our award-winning service because we provide friendly IT support as well as timely and effective strategic advice.

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PC/Mac repair ​

SmartVision offers  PC/ laptop/ Mac same day repair service for users. Software and hardware problems solved. Whatever the problem with your computer – software, hardware, a virus, spyware or malware – we offer to repair it. We can install new components and software as required and provide ongoing support and maintenance to both home and business users.

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IT Consulting

SmartVision can provide a variety IT Consulting that you can trust and rely on. Our team of expert technical consultants can confidently recommend, support, and implement a wide range of hardware, software, and network systems with your best interests in mind.

We will assist with managing costs not just through project implementation but also for the life cycle of any project and help ensure that your IT meets compliance and quality requirements specific by your industry. We want you to focus on running and growing your business.

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IT solutions ​

SmartVision provides personalised IT solutions and support ensuring your company received clear, secure and professional results every time. We also customized the IT solutions to fit your timeline, budgets and expectations.

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If you’ve invested in your IT solutions & management, it’s time to invest in the people who will use it. SmartVision provides a diversity of packages and resources that will empower your users with the knowledge and skills they need to make their jobs easier, increase productivity and optimise your solution. From expert-led training to user adoption solutions to certification opportunities, we provide the resources you need, whenever you need them.

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Internet security

SmartVision helps you to minimise & manage your Internet security risk. Detection of real and complex security vulnerabilities that no other solution can find. We assist your business to secure from the Internet access.

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Why Outsourcing ?

Reduction of operating costs up to the tune of 20% Flexibility with freed up valuable time & resources to focus on core business. Elimination of recruiting, hiring & managing clerical staff. Greater efficiency with quick turn-around time and quality standards Greater Efficiency, Monitoring of Performance Lower capital investment Proven technology application Quality ensured through governance of Service Level Agreement.

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